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Themor Leather Modern Bed

Themor Leather Modern Bed

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Enveloped in elegant leather, Themor Leather Modern Bed will have you drifting off to the sweetest of dreams. Its modern, simple design provides an effortless look that easily blends with any interior style, while the suspended frame adds a touch of understated sophistication. Feel the comfort of its light leather upholstery as you relax in luxury.

Genuine Leather Sophistication: A Touch of Class

Indulge in the epitome of luxury and modern design with our leather bed, a perfect fusion of style and functionality. The bed's contact surfaces are meticulously upholstered in genuine cowhide leather, renowned for its softness, high gloss finish, and durability. This high-quality leather is not only pleasing to the touch but also exceptionally resistant to wear and dirt, ensuring the bed maintains its sophisticated look over time.

Luxury Meets Comfort: Ergonomic Down-Filled Cushions

The bed boasts ergonomically designed, large back cushions filled with plush down. These cushions conform to the contours of your body, offering unparalleled support and comfort for your back and head, making relaxation and sleep an indulgent experience.

Robust and Refined: Superior Pine and Metal Framework

The frame of the bed is a sturdy combination of pine wood and a metal skeleton. Pine wood is chosen for its high flexibility and low propensity to crack, ensuring the bed’s foundation is both stable and durable. This robust construction is complemented by a sleek and innovative floating design, enhancing the bed's modern aesthetic.

Modern Elegance: Chic Floating Design with Ambient Lighting

Adding to its allure is the intelligent ambient lighting feature. The bed is equipped with a smart sensor light strip hidden in the base, a subtle yet practical addition. This feature not only provides convenient illumination for nighttime needs but also creates a unique and sophisticated visual effect, elevating the overall ambiance of the bedroom.

Themor Leather Bed Detail:

  • Surface Material: Ox Hide 
  • Bed frame MaterialLarch Wood 
  • Pillow Filling: 70% Down Feather, 30% Cotton 
  • Weight Capacity: Around 500 kg
  • Assembly Required: Yes


1.5M Bed Size: L222 x W152 x H108 cm
1.8M Bed Size: L222 x W182 x H108 cm
Product Weight: 35kg

1. Routine Maintenance:

Dust Regularly: Gently dust the leather surfaces weekly using a soft, dry cloth or a feather duster to prevent dirt accumulation.
Immediate Spill Cleanup: In case of spills, quickly blot (don’t rub) with a clean, dry cloth. For tougher spills, use a slightly damp cloth with distilled water, then dry off.

2. Deep Cleaning and Conditioning:

Use Suitable Leather Cleaner: Every few months, clean the leather with a cleaner specifically designed for leather. Apply the cleaner on a soft cloth, not directly on the leather, and wipe gently.
Conditioning: After cleaning, apply a leather conditioner to keep the leather soft and prevent cracks. This should be done every 6-12 months.

3. Avoid Damage:

Keep Out of Direct Sunlight: Prolonged exposure can fade and dry out leather.
Avoid Heat Sources: Keep the bed away from fireplaces and heaters to prevent drying and cracking.
Sharp Objects and Pets: Be cautious with sharp objects and pet claws as they can scratch or tear the leather.

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