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Nohr Modular Sofa

Nohr Modular Sofa

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Drawing inspiration from European modern design, the Nohr Italian Matte Fabric Double-Sided Square Sofa is an aesthetically pleasing addition to any living room, crafted with the highest quality Italian matte cloth for a luxurious and comfortable experience. Its wabi-sabi simple design, with tofu block combination and double-sided square shape, creates an authentic, minimalistic atmosphere.

Versatile Minimalist Design

Our modular sofa is a testament to sleek, minimalist design, offering the ultimate in versatile home furnishing. Ideal for diverse layouts, it can effortlessly transform into a cozy 2-seater leather sofa for intimate spaces or expand into a spacious 3-seater for larger rooms, catering to your unique lifestyle needs.

Low Profile for Enhanced Comfort

Embrace the comfort of our lounge sofa, thoughtfully designed with a low profile. With its seat height at a relaxing 38 cm, it invites you to immerse in its embrace, promoting a sense of ease and grounded relaxation, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Advanced Nanotech Fabric

This sofa isn’t just about looks; it’s about a sensory experience. Our newly upgraded nanotechnology Matte Fabric not only mimics the luxe feel of genuine leather but surpasses it in breathability and softness. Exceptionally durable, it resists wear, tearing, and pilling, ensuring your sofa stays pristine for years to come.

Rounded Design and Detailed Tufting

Every curve and tuft of this sofa has been crafted with precision, presenting a design that's both visually appealing and functional. The rounded contours and detailed tufting create a relaxed yet defined three-dimensional aesthetic, ensuring each section of the sofa offers a consistently comfortable and enveloping seat.

Optimal Filling for Comfort and Support

Inside this exquisite piece lies a perfect blend of raw latex and high-resilience sponge. This combination is the secret to its 'soft yet firm' seating experience. The filling provides gentle support, adapting to your body with a quick rebound, ensuring you enjoy both the softness and the support without sinking in too deep.

Nohr Modular Sofa Detail:

  • Surface Material: Matte Fabric
  • Structure Material: Larch Wood
  • Seat Bag: 45D High Resilience Sponge + Latex
  • Cushion: Down Feather + Polypropylene Cotton
  • Capacity: Around 800 kg
  • Level of Assembly: Low-Level Assembly
 Matte Velvet
  • Waterproof and Oil-resistant
  • Wear-Resistant and Scratch-Resistant
Matte Velvet

Please contact us for more fabric options.

Please contact us if you want to customise the colour.

Nohr Modular Sofa - Arctic Lounge

Set A Size: L363 x W165 x H63 cm
Product Weight: Around 150 kg

Nohr Modular Sofa - Arctic Lounge

Set B Size: L231 x W231 x H63 cm
Product Weight: Around 150 kg

Nohr Modular Sofa - Arctic Lounge

Set C Size: L330 x W99 x H63 cm
Product Weight: Around 130 kg

Nohr Modular Sofa - Arctic Lounge

Set D Size: L297 x W99 x H63 cm
Product Weight: Around 130 kg

Nohr Modular Sofa - Arctic Lounge

Set E Size: L429 x W231 x H63 cm
Product Weight: Around 200 kg

Nohr Modular Sofa - Arctic Lounge

Set F Size: L363 x W297 x H63 cm
Product Weight: Around 180 kg

  1. Sofa-Specific DetergentRefrain from using water to clean the surface. Instead, use a sofa-specific detergent for optimal results.
  2. Regular Maintenance: Employ a vacuum machine for routine cleaning to keep your sofa in pristine condition.
  3. Moderate Cleaning: Be mindful not to over-clean, as excessive cleaning may damage the sofa's surface.
  4. Prevent Dents: Minimize dents from concentrated sitting force by regularly patting the sponge to maintain its resilience.
  5. Sunlight Caution: Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight to prevent the loss of fabric elasticity and premature fading.

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  • Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore: 8-20 days

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