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Erna Rattan Wooden Single Wardrobe

Erna Rattan Wooden Single Wardrobe

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The Erna Wooden Wardrobe brings rustic charm and timeless appeal to your home with its retro solid wood construction and Southeast Asian rattan accents. Boasting multi-functional storage, this floor-standing wardrobe features a coat rack, a drawer, and cabinet for all your storage needs. Enjoy an elevated level of sophistication with this unique homestay hanger.

Handwoven Rattan Elegance: Durable and Delicate Design

The wardrobe showcases exquisite rattan craftsmanship, featuring smooth, handwoven rattan. This careful weaving process results in a flat, refined texture that's not only pleasing to the eye but also robust in its resilience and elasticity. The durability of the rattan ensures that the wardrobe stands the test of time, retaining its elegant appearance and structural integrity even under regular use.

Organized Storage: Spacious and Versatile Compartments

Partitioned StorageThis wardrobe cleverly combines functionality with style. It includes a generously sized hanging area for clothing, complemented by additional storage sections and drawers. This thoughtful design allows for an organized and categorized storage solution, making it easier to keep your belongings neatly arranged and accessible.

Retro Charm: Unique Vintage-Style White Waxwood Handles

Adding to its charm, the wardrobe is adorned with unique, vintage-style handles made from solid White Waxwood. These handles are not only practical for ease of use but also contribute a touch of retro elegance to the wardrobe's overall design, blending functionality with decorative appeal.

Sturdy and Silent: White Waxwood Drawers with Smooth Slides

The wardrobe features drawers crafted from solid White Waxwood, known for their sturdiness and stability. These drawers resist deformation, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable storage solution. Equipped with silent sliding rails, they provide a smooth, quiet operation, enhancing the user experience with their practical and elegant design.

Strength in Hanging: Robust White Waxwood Clothing Rod

The wardrobe boasts a robust hanging rod, also made from solid White Waxwood. This rod provides ample space for hanging various lengths of clothing, from shirts to long coats, ensuring that they remain wrinkle-free. Its strength and stability are paramount, offering a dependable solution for your clothing storage needs.

The Rasmus Garden Rattan Rocking Chair Detail:

  • Surface MaterialWhite Wax Wood, Indonesia Rattan
  • Frame Material: White Wax Wood 
  • Weight Capacity: 150 kg
  • Level of Assembly: No

90CM Wardrobe Size: L90 x W40 x H145 cm

120CM Wardrobe Size: L120 x W40 x H145 cm
Product Weight: 40kg

1. Regular Cleaning: Dust regularly with a soft cloth, and use a mild soap solution for deeper cleaning, being careful not to over-wet rattan.
2. Avoid Direct Sunlight and Heat:Protect from direct sunlight and heat to prevent damage.
3. Use Protective Measures: Use coasters on wood to prevent marks, and periodically polish to maintain its shine.

4. Manage Humidity Levels: Solid wood can swell or crack with fluctuating humidity. Try to maintain consistent humidity levels in your home.
5. Handle Rattan with Care: For rattan, glue loose strands instead of cutting, and occasionally mist lightly with water to prevent drying out, but avoid excessive wetting.
6. Moisturize and Protect: Apply suitable polish or oil occasionally to both materials to keep them moisturized.

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